International Women’s Day 2022

🗨 “What does IWD mean to you?”

“For me IWD is a day for happiness and grief. Happiness over seeing my sisters all over the world succed in their work and feeling what a great sisterhood we have. Grief over how far we still have to go and over the lack of support from men. For the gaming industry, I feel that the sexism, racism and discrimination that prevents women, PoC and other minorietys to climb upwards is a never ending battle but for each year with my sisters, I feel a bit more hope. We make a change.”
Anna Ceras (She/Her)

“IWD for me is about honouring folks in my life, as well as around the world, for the contributions they make each day in society that is not often acknowledged. This is a special day to push for greater gender equality, and really, we should be talking about this all year round. Supporting & celebrating gender diversity, and actively seeking to remove barriers where they exist, so that every individual will have access to the same opportunities and treatment without prejudice.”
Scarlett Fu (She/They)

“IWD to me is a reminder of the diverse makeup of humanity and the impact women of all shapes, backgrounds, ethnicities, age and the like, have in helping shape the world & nurture the next generation. It’s also a driving force for greater gender equality and representation, particularly in industries traditionally reserved for men.”
MissDeusGeek (She/Her)

Published by Project AWR

Promoting Asian women of the gaming industry and their representation in-game.

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