She Plays Games Podcast Special

Creating positive spaces for Asian women in the games industry Join us for a special panel discussion with Project AWR, a diversity group dedicated to supporting and empowering Asian Women in the games industry. Our panelists include:• Marion Mỹ Anh Baxerres, founder of Project AWR and Global Community & Social Media Manager at Prime Matter/Plaion• Karen Lee,Continue reading “She Plays Games Podcast Special”

15+ Asian-related websites & social media accounts suggestions

Here are 10+ suggestions for Asian-related news or Asian representation-focused websites or social media accounts, share yours with us! 💛 Netflix Golden:🙅‍♀️ Stop AAPI Hate:💌 The Very Asian Foundation:📣 Asian Leadership Collective:🎥 Accented Cinema:🎙 The Asians Represent Podcast:🪔 South Asian Heritage Month:🦈 Next Shark:🌸 Represent Asian Project:Continue reading “15+ Asian-related websites & social media accounts suggestions”

What Is the Model Minority Myth?

The myth of the “model minority” is pervasive. It does real damage. And Asian American students aren’t the only ones it harms. When I was halfway through the 11th grade, my pre-calculus teacher pulled me out into the hallway. He wanted to talk about my latest test. “You can do better than this,” he said.Continue reading “What Is the Model Minority Myth?”

AAPI TikTok creators share their journeys balancing Asian and American identities

During Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, many influencers are using social media to discuss their identities. Hear from some AAPI TikTok creators about how they are balancing their Asian backgrounds and American identities. Watch the video here.

18 Book Recommendations Celebrating AAPI Month

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, and in recognition of the countless creative achievements of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, the Cut surveyed some of our favorite Asian American and Pacific Islander American writers on their favorite works by fellow AAPI authors. Add them to your independent-bookstore cart or your library-request list now! Check outContinue reading “18 Book Recommendations Celebrating AAPI Month”

Zayira Ray Enjoys Telling Unique AAPI Stories with Her Photos

“It is more important than ever for Asian-Americans to be seen,” opines Indian-American Zayira Ray about the increasing marginalization of her broader community in recent times. Using photography and visual arts talent, she creates unique photo projects. With a common theme underlying most of them, she tells us more about what drives her passion toContinue reading “Zayira Ray Enjoys Telling Unique AAPI Stories with Her Photos”

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month with the stories of student-athletes

Six college athletes discuss their Asian and Pacific Islander backgrounds During May, the NCAA is celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by recognizing student-athletes of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. A resource guide (PDF) for member schools and conferences comes from the NCAA office of inclusion and the Asian American Foundation. The guideContinue reading “Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month with the stories of student-athletes”

Tired of being ‘fetishized and invisible,’ Asian artists are changing the narrative

In much of Western art, Asian women have often appeared as one-dimensional characters — sometimes seen as meek and docile, and at other times hypersexualized and exoticized. But such portrayals fail to show individuals coming from a myriad of cultural backgrounds, their identities rooted in distinctly different countries and histories. “Wonder Women,” a new exhibitionContinue reading “Tired of being ‘fetishized and invisible,’ Asian artists are changing the narrative”

Video Games Are Lagging Behind In South Asian Representation

Entertainment mediums in the West are introducing likable South Asian protagonists into fiction–slightly steering away from its history of brownface casting and becoming more inclusive of South Asian storytellers. Although Squid Game’s Ali Abdul and Midnight Mass’ Sheriff Hassan weren’t the main characters of their respective stories, they were unapologetically brown, purposeful, and supported byContinue reading “Video Games Are Lagging Behind In South Asian Representation”