Asian Women in Games: Holly Hua

This week we have a feature on Holly Hua, Communications Manager at Ubisoft. Hailing from games such as Assassin’s Creed and Brawlhalla, she’s spent a good amount of time growing herself but also those around her via mentoring. She’s got some insights on what it takes to run an employee resource group and she shares what she’s observed in the advocacy and representation space in gaming.

Asian Women in Games: Iris Zhang

This week, we speak to Iris Zhang—a high school teacher turned engineer! The gaming industry is not always an easy place to grow, but she shares her experiences on progressing through it both as an engineer and now as a manager. Read on to learn more about her time bringing Champions to life on League of Legends—and her hectic family zoom calls!

Asian Women in Games: Gabby Llanillo

In this Asian Women in Games series, we interview women who are currently in the gaming industry to learn more about them, their journeys, and their culture. We want to showcase the amazing women who are already driving change and representation in the industry by being themselves! This week, we’re excited to share Gabby Llanillo’sContinue reading “Asian Women in Games: Gabby Llanillo”

Asian Women in Games: Alexa Kim

In this article, we’re excited to introduce you to Alexa Kim and her journey through game design. Read on to learn more about her tips in joining the games industry, her love for rats, and even a soju cocktail recipe she’s keen to share!