Q: Who can register as a Mentee?

A: All people identifying as women of Asian backgrounds can register. (We are LGBTQ+ friendly, you are the one deciding if you or a part of you identifies as Asian woman.)

Q: When will the registrations for the Alpha take place?

A: Asian women can register as Mentees from August 22nd to September 6th.

* Note: not everyone will be chosen for this Alpha phase, but we will evaluate how to expand the program based on interest.

Q: Why is the program only open to Asian women?

A: Project AWR was created to provide a safe space for Asian women who are often underrepresented or overlooked in the industry. This program is meant to provide an opportunity to elevate this overlooked group, who often face difficulties or find it intimidating in entering/navigating the industry.

Q: Can I apply if I am not a professional?

A: Yes, you can. Students or early-career individuals over 18 years old can apply, with no prior industry experience required.

Q: What other requirements are needed?

A: Proficiency in English is required, as our initial lineup of Mentors are English speakers.

Q: How does the Mentorship work?

A: Each Mentor-Mentee duo will have 3 sessions together, as follows:

  1. Introduction: Share goals, ambitions, and skills
  2. Industry Study: Go over job roles or descriptions of interest and discuss/tailor a potential resume for this field
  3. Next Steps: Prepare for what an interview for the role could look like; end with next steps and connecting with someone in the industry to help get you started

A: The next phases will have Mentors from different fields and roles, such as game design, sound design, writing, etc.

Q: I am interested! Where can I register?

A: The registration form is available here! We will make sure to reply to everyone via email, whether you are selected for this phase or not.

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