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Video Games Are Lagging Behind In South Asian Representation

Entertainment mediums in the West are introducing likable South Asian protagonists into fiction–slightly steering away from its history of brownface casting and becoming more inclusive of South Asian storytellers. Although Squid Game’s Ali Abdul and Midnight Mass’ Sheriff Hassan weren’t the main characters of their respective stories, they were unapologetically brown, purposeful, and supported by…

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The difference between diversity hiring and a ‘diversity hire’

Hiring for diversity is a priority for most organizations. Social justice issues, national attention, and accountability from Fortune Magazine (and subsequently, the coveted Fortune 500 list) has brought diversity and inclusion to the spotlight. But how exactly does one attract and hire diverse candidates? The answer would seem to be straightforward, but there’s a hidden…

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Asian Women in Games: Holly Hua

This week we have a feature on Holly Hua, Communications Manager at Ubisoft. Hailing from games such as Assassin’s Creed and Brawlhalla, she’s spent a good amount of time growing herself but also those around her via mentoring. She’s got some insights on what it takes to run an employee resource group and she shares what she’s observed in the advocacy and representation space in gaming.

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