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We started working on this project in March 2021, after the shooting in Atlanta and following the Anti Asian / AAPI Hate movements. The initiative came from Marion Mỹ Anh, who was then joined by other Asian women and friends from the industry who could identify with and/or support the cause. Meet our team members!

Marion Mỹ Anh Baxerres (she/her) | creator & co-founder

I have been working in the gaming industry for 3 years; the contacts I have made since I started made me realize that it was my first time working with several Asian women, who I started looking up to. Born in Vietnam and raised in France by French adoptive parents, and never really had good Asian women representations while growing up.

Recently, I have started reconnecting to my Vietnamese origins by remotely learning the language. This, combined with becoming a member of Women In Games, and after the recent Anti Asian / AAPI Hate movement, inspired me to highlight Asians identifying as women. I also thought I wanted us all to find the safe place I wish I had for so long – somewhere we could talk about everything, with people who can rely to us, and most importantly, support us. This is how I created Project AWR.

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Hanjosi (she/her) | co-founder

Hanjosi is a Thai Fan-artist living in the United Kingdom, with an avid interest in video games and a huge advocate for representation.

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Karen K. Lee (she/her) | co-founder

I am currently working in the community building space within the gaming industry. As a Canadian-born Chinese, I was lucky to spend several years of my high school life in Hong Kong and reconnect with my heritage. Now that I’m back in Canada, I am sad to realize that many folks who look like me feel threatened for existing outside Asia. I believe that society can and will change for the better. And I’ll do what I can to help foster that change for fellow Asians.

Outside of games, you can usually catch me trying out new restaurants and cuisines! I love exploring new places, whether it’s in the city where I reside or adventures elsewhere. I thoroughly enjoy even just the process of planning for trips. Being able to imagine an upcoming destination and the fun stuff I’ll get to do is already super exciting to me!

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Matt (he/him) | co-founder

Well hello there! As I always jokingly say, “I am a man of many credentials.” And with that I am currently working as a Head Moderator on the Assassin’s Creed and Immortals Fenyx Rising Discord servers. I have been working within communities since the beginning of time, and I have a niche for helping build things from the ground up. When Marion mentioned her interest in starting a project like this I was instantly onboard. The message and goal behind the project was something I agreed with, and something I wanted to help achieve. Instantly we got to work on building the project piece by piece, and with the help of a few more team members we’ve built it into the masterpiece it is today.

Project AWR is not affiliated with any company.

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