Project AWR (Asian Women Representation) is dedicated to creating a safe space for Asian women and marginalized genders in the gaming industry or gravitating around it, and also to promote them and give them a platform to amplify their voice.

We have created a Discord server where we share our personal stories, highlight Asian women’s achievements, talk about representation, and share articles, podcasts, and videos related to the topic. The server is accessible to everyone – allies included – on request, and there is a dedicated locked Asian Women Space, as well as separated channels per requested Asian language.
If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to check our FAQ page.
To request access to the Discord server, you can write us here or on Twitter. There might be some delay in response.


Safe Space: Creating a supportive and safe space for Asian women in the game industry.
Collaborations: Working with other Asian supporting organizations to support the Asian Community as a whole.


Mentorship: Guiding Asian women in their careers and future aspirations
Consultancy: Have a consulting agency that can help with representation matters. We aim to make this a paid opportunity.
Networking: Connecting Asian women within the AWR Community to create stronger support.



What do you think about our community and Discord server?

“I think this community and Discord server are the first time I honestly feel comfortable enough to share and react to stuff other people are sharing and to really CARE. It’s enriching for me to connect with other Asian people”. – Mai-Vy (she/her)

“I think our community is really active and that is awesome.” Lamby (she/her)

“I love that this place came into existence. Living in a society where most people are white, I have a severe problem finding other PoC with an Asian background to connect with and even more so in the gaming industry. Just knowing that this space exists and that I am free to share experience, rant or chill and support others give me so much strength and hope.” Anna Ceras (she/her)

Got questions? Check out our FAQ page!